Gephi tutorials

2017: new website for Gephi Tutorials

In 2017, I start developing open, web-based Gephi tutorials in multiple languages.

The website is still pretty much empty. But keep on eye on it, I will update it with all the tutorials you see below. And your are welcome to contribute!

How to install Gephi 0.8.2 on Windows 8 or Mac OSX Mavericks or Yosemite

Note: Gephi is now in version 0.9, which installs on Mac OS without problems.


Windows 8

Gephi: A series of tutorials

1. Why network visualizations?

2. Decision tree: how to choose a network viz solution?

3. Gephi: the foundations

4. Gephi: how to import data and create networks from scratch

5. Gephi: how to visualize dynamic networks

6. Gephi: advanced functions (metrics, plugins and filters)

7. Gephi: cheatsheets

Tutoriels pour Gephi en français

1. Gephi dans le panorama de la data visualisation

2. Gephi: les fondations

3. Gephi: focus sur l'importation de données

4. Gephi: fonctions avancées (filtres, métriques, plugins)

5. Gephi: visualiser des réseaux dynamiques

List of plugins I created for Gephi

Visit the Gephi marketplace!
The similarity computer plugin updated for Gephi 0.9.1
Presentations on network visualization

download slides. Topic: Issues in the representation of large, dynamic, spatialized networks
download slides. Topic: Network visualizations: why, and how to?
download slides. Booklet: what is dataviz?