last modified: 2017-01-24

This is a now page. Websites usually have "about pages", this page gives a more instantaneous view. Something I do / have done is of interest to you? Get in touch at or on Twitter! (@seinecle)

January 2017

  • taking contacts to create a course on "creating connected objects, for beginners". Will be filmed, for emlyon students and as a MOOC on Coursera (hopefully). Students will learn how to create an object, for real. Get in touch if you are interested.

  • preparing for the launch of the TDO (Transformation Digitale des Organisations) certificate by EMLYON, taking place in March 2017 on our new Paris campus. I teach the first module on "data and tech for business", 16-18 March, on our Paris campus

  • reworking my Gephi tutiorals to make them open and easy to publish in a variety of formats, with asciiidoc.

  • supervising centrale lyon and emlyon students on a Twitter mapping project

  • organizing the "Digital Night", a career event on March 16 at Ecully, for our digitally / data inclined students and companies who’d like to hire them.

  • resubmitting my paper on the history of neuromarketing, co-written with Ale Smidts and Paul Wouters. Fingers crossed.

  • going to the "Entreprise du Futur" event by Emlyon and Visiativ, in Lyon (January 19)

  • writing about Lotka and other things on Medium