Resources for teaching and research in covid times

lecturing - job search - exploring experts of covid-19 on Twitter

student wearing a mask Graduating in covid times: being strategic for your job search

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These slides are shared in the hope they can be of use to professors, career coaches and students graduating in 2021. They can be used in a workshop format, about two to three hours long, remotely or in-class. Only a few of the activities described in the slides can be conducted during the workshop, because of time constraints. The rest can be offered as after-class activities.

zoom logo Teaching interactive lectures with Zoom

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Tips and tricks on how to teach with Zoom: setup of Zoom, types of activities, how to use breakout rooms.

setup for in class x distance teaching Setup for in class x distance teaching

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Teaching both in class and to students at a distance, at the same time, is difficult. This document is a technical contribution to the setup that can make the student's life, and the teacher's life, easier.

Detecting communities on "covid-19" on Twitter

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This study shows the communities of Twitter users with a relation to covid-19: doctors and professors, journalists, government officials, etc. It is based on this methodology to detect and explore any types of community on Twitter, published in open access in 2020. Get in touch if you would like to apply this method to another use case.