Using Circos to trace the "circle of influence" of a scientist

pic 1

Presentation of the visualization at the farewell symposium in honor of Pr. van den Bosch

This is an evening project at the occasion of a symposium honoring Pr. Frans van den Bosch, a professor at my university

It shows all the co-authors of the professor, with the tickness of links corresponding to the number of co-authored publications

Visualization tool:

Data source:
all the publications of the professor in a bibTex file

I used Java to parse the bibTex file and generate the Circos configuration file. I implemented the possibility to select the publications restricted to a range of years

Circos makes indeed impactful visualizations. It is a real pain to configure (15+ config files, anybody?), but has an incredibly helpful debugger

Source code:
Github repository (the code is quite ugly as this was for a single night project!)

Higher res picture of the circle:
Click here for a better quality picture.

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